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A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • The next day, Mr. Bumble arrives for Pippa, and Felicity pretends to have appendicitis so that Mrs. Nightwing must go to her—Gemma volunteers to chaperone the meeting instead.
  • Pippa tells Mr. Bumble about her seizures and gets him to allow her to break off the engagement and save her reputation.
  • After he leaves, Mrs. Nightwing asks about Pippa's missing ring, and she lies, saying that it had a flaw so he took it back.
  • In the great hall that night, the girls ask Gemma to take them into the realms again and she agrees even though she knows it might be wrong.
  • Pippa says she's too tired to stay up late and run into the woods, so Felicity says they could do it inside the little scarf tent, right now.
  • This may be risky, but they all don't think anyone will notice since in real time a long realms trip only takes a minute.
  • After a trip to the runes, the girls arrive back in the great hall—and when they do, they're invisible and life moves in slow motion. 
  • Mrs. Nightwing is reading a book and Felicity flips it upside down, which causes her to become very confused.
  • Gemma leans against the marble column with little carvings of satyrs and fairies, which now move—one asks Gemma to free them so they can stretch their wings, and she obliges.
  • Quickly though, she regrets it, as hundreds of beasts fly and zoom around the room, peeking under dresses, and stealing food and game pieces. 
  • Then one bites Gemma when she tries to stop its pranks—it grows taller and taller, scaring her.
  • Gemma tries to stop them but she doesn't know how. And then she gets an idea. 
  • Grabbing a little gargoyle, she holds him over the fire and demands to know the spell to stop his cohorts—when he tells her, all the wicked things screech and wiz by, sucked back onto the columns and frozen.
  • The girls are all tired out… well, all but Ann who wants to get revenge.

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