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A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

  • During dinner, Gemma sneaks off to her room and enters the realms.
  • Calling for her mother, she realizes how angry she is—so when her mother appears, Gemma questions her with fury.
  • Gemma can't understand why her mother has kept this giant secret from her since she's only had to think about herself and her own problems, but Gemma's mother tells her that she spent the rest of life trying to make up for what she did.
  • Gemma doesn't accept Mom's explanation though, and she's still spitting mad, so she tries to hurt her mother by telling her she's taken magic out of the runes into her world.
  • This news is shocking, and Gemma's mom is immediately worried about when the creature has gotten in and corrupted a soul in the realms.
  • Gemma doesn't care though, and she marches off as her mom calls after her. 
  • Just before she gets to the door though, the huntress appears in front of her, offering berries in a rather pushy manner, even though Gemma can't eat them. As Gemma leaves she hears, "At last…" in a creepy voice. Shudder.
  • Back in her room, Gemma's friends are hovering over her but she pretends to be asleep. They tell her to come along to the cave with them and she says no, she doesn't feel well; Pippa kicks her softly with her boot, disappointed.
  • Felicity says she won't get off so easy tomorrow, but Gemma doesn't want to go back. Ever.

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