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A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

  • Mr. Bumble and the Crosses are at Spence because they have been talking about Pippa's confession and Mr. Bumble has been assured that she was lying—so by the end of the week, Pippa will be married and gone from Spence forever.
  • Mr. Cross and Mr. Bumble are escorted by Brigid to drink some port and celebrate their victory, while Pippa is nearly dragged out by her mother to be fitted for a dress. She pleads with her mother not to make her marry, but she just tells Pippa she will thank her someday.
  • Then, much to the girls' shock, Mrs. Nightwing reveals Mary Dowd's diary and says Pippa confessed everything to her about the woods and caves and said Miss Moore gave the book to them.
  • Mrs. Nightwing questions the girls about whether this is true and Ann and Felicity agree, but Gemma tries hard to protect her favorite teacher. 
  • No matter about Gemma's effort though, since Mrs. Nightwing would rather believe her girls' poor behavior is a teacher's fault than their own; she is planning on firing Miss Moore.
  • Out of the silence, a scream scares them all and they run downstairs. 
  • It is Brigid, holding an old doll… the same one Sarah threatened her with twenty years ago.

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