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A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

  • The chapel is full of girls singing; Pippa whispers to Gemma that she only lied about Miss Moore to let them share one more night together.
  • But Gemma won't respond. She's ticked off.
  • Pippa tries to excuse herself by saying that Miss Moore did have a hand in their situation, and then she begs Gemma to take her back to the realms one more time to say goodbye to the knight.
  • It is useless, though, because Gemma is determined to ignore her.
  • After dinner, Gemma goes off alone with her French book, waiting to hear Miss Moore leaving Spence so that she can talk to her. 
  • Miss Moore is kind to Gemma, who is so ashamed and sad for what they've done—her teacher says she is going to travel and find a flat in London. 
  • She invites Gemma to call on her there in the future, and says that she is different from the other girls and perhaps they will meet again.

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