Study Guide

A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 37

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 37

  • In front of Kartik's tent, Gemma pleads for him to help her—she tells him what happened but he doesn't say a word, and instead springs to action.
  • Kartik carries Pippa's body through the woods, all the way to her bedroom, where he leaves her. 
  • Frantically, Gemma gets Mrs. Nightwing and waits for the doctor to arrive.
  • Felicity paces but won't look at Gemma, and the girl feels awfully guilty for leaving her friend.
  • Later Gemma decides to go back into the realms and gives Felicity her necklace to close the realms in case she doesn't return. 
  • Despite Felicity's anger and blame, she tells Gemma to come back.

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