Study Guide

A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 39

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 39

  • During their day of rest, Gemma hands in French translations to her teacher, who compliments her hard work.
  • She also gives Gemma some hopeful advice—"In every end, there is also a beginning" (39.5)—which is totally true.
  • Alone, Gemma reflects on what she's learned about life in the past months, which is kind of a lot.
  • Gemma brings a mysterious gift/bribe to Kartik and then hides to watch him open it—and when he does, he is super happy to find a cricket bat. He whacks a bunch of crab apples with it. Gemma thinks about forgiveness and the lessons she's learned about it, then she runs after a deer, feeling free.

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