Study Guide

A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 5

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 5

  • The girls assemble in the lobby. Gemma spots the girls her age and notices they wear their hair in buns, and also their expensive accessories. 
  • Mrs. Nightwing introduces Gemma and she feels totally humiliated as all the girls stare at her. 
  • Everyone walks to the chapel and Gemma meets Ann, her new roommate, who is less than conversational; it turns out that Ann is an orphan and is training to be a governess someday.
  • While on the walk, Gemma asks about the gypsy woman she saw and is warned to stay away from her.
  • Then Gemma asks about the other girls in their class and Ann tells her to stay away from Felicity and Pippa, and as she does, she is interrupted by these girls creeping up behind her. 
  • Much to Ann's fright, Felicity scolds her and insults her for being lower class. Well doesn't Felicity seem like a peach… not.
  • The chapel is old and kind of creepy, and during prayers, Gemma has to take the girls' lead on what to do because her mother didn't raise her in religion.
  • Mrs. Nightwing gives a very long and very boring speech for Gemma's benefit that everyone resents. 
  • When they are all flooding out of the chapel, a girl trips Ann on purpose and then teases her. Good ol' Gemma gives her a hand, though.
  • Outside in the dark, Gemma sees a black cloak flash for a moment, but Ann doesn't see it. Gemma really feels like she's being watched.
  • (Hey, Gemma—we do too, girl.)

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