Study Guide

A Hologram for the King Chapter 10

By Dave Eggers

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Chapter 10

  • Alan and crew continue to wait for the king. They have no idea how long it will be.
  • Brad wants to call Reliant and warn them that the conditions in Saudi Arabia are less than ideal. Alan nixes this plan.
  • The crew is still stuck in the tent without food, or a plan, or wi-fi, or pretty much anything. Alan tells them he has an appointment with Karim that afternoon and will work stuff out.
  • They chat about nothing to pass the time, and Cayley shows them her new phone. She's thrown out the old one on a trash pile. Hang on to that detail for now.
  • Alan heads out to meet Karim and demand answers for the unsatisfactory conditions (a tent? In┬áthe desert?!).

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