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A Hologram for the King Chapter 11

By Dave Eggers

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Chapter 11

  • Up at the Black Box, the concierge tells Alan that he's too early for his meeting and that Karim isn't yet there.
  • He decides to walk around instead of returning in defeat to the young people. Alan trips on an uneven patch and twists his ankle.
  • He reflects on his clumsiness, which he attributes to age. It sets him to reminiscing about his time with Joe Trivole, his Fuller Brush colleague back in the day.
  • Joe had helped him fall in love with sales, and taught him everything that he knew.
  • Alan's encouraged by a food court that he sees on the first floor of some condominiums built by the Red Sea. Surely, he could still sell the heck out of company's concept, can't he?
  • He thinks about the other good things he'd created in his life: his daughter, Kit, and a beautiful silver bike prototype.
  • Alan resolves to write Kit a letter when he gets back to the hotel. She wants to disown her mother, Ruby, because too much drama.
  • Alan can't blame her, but he also feels he has to defend Ruby. He doesn't want to be the only parent for Kit—and he doesn't want to become the object of her ridicule one day, too.
  • Kit really values Alan's letters, so he's determined to keep up the correspondence. He wants to help her limit the damage that Ruby's wild behavior has inflicted on her.
  • As Alan heads back to the Black Box to talk to Karim, he runs into Brad. He feels that Brad thinks of him as more of a burden than a help.
  • Wow. Alan's just a bundle of guilt.

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