Study Guide

A Hologram for the King Chapter 13

By Dave Eggers

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Chapter 13

  • When Alan and crew arrive at the tent in KAEC the next day, there's a note of welcome taped to the door. There are promises of a face-to-face meeting after lunch.
  • But nobody appears. Alan goes to check it out, and finds that Karim is in Riyadh (which is a pretty long ways away).
  • There's officially nothing they can do but sit in the tent and watch movies on laptops. Alan decides to give it one more try at the Black Box.
  • He wanders upstairs and meets the lovely Hanne, a blonde beauty who sympathizes with his plight.
  • Alan learns from Hanne that King Abdullah hasn't been to KAEC in the eighteen months that she's worked there. This is not good news for Alan and crew.

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