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A Hologram for the King Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Hanne tries to walk back her discouraging news about King Abdullah's general absence at KAEC. She tells him she wouldn't be the first to know if the king were to make a visit.
  • Alan tries to understand why the presentation has to be in a tent instead of inside the Black Box. Hanne tells him it's because there aren't enough finished rooms inside the building.
  • She promises to ask about their wi-fi problem, and tells him that this is a very small problem in the face of all things Saudi Arabia.
  • When Hanne learns that Alan's been having trouble sleeping, she slips him a little something-something (hint: small bottle of alcohol). Alan has to conceal it, since alcohol is taboo here.
  • Hanne ends their convo by giving him her number.
  • Back at the tent, the young crew is discouraged, and Alan tells them not to bother setting up until tomorrow. There's nothing to do now but hang out and wait.

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