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A Hologram for the King Chapter 19

By Dave Eggers

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Chapter 19

  • Alan heads to the Danish embassy to meet Hanne—and immediately begins to question his judgment.
  • The party is a scene right out of a Fellini movie, complete with every kind of debauchery you can (or can't) imagine.
  • Partygoers are tossing random drugs in the pool and people are gobbling them up.
  • Alan takes it all in—along with a lot more moonshine.
  • Then Alan finds the most boring man in the place to hang with: an American architect who hasn't worked in the U.S. in a bit because nothing great happens there anymore.
  • Hanne appears and drags Alan off for a late-night make out session. But Alan just isn't into it.
  • Then, Alan pulls a boneheaded move: he kisses the top of Hanne's head. She's insulted by the patronizing action.
  • Back at the party, a guy in a spacesuit costume makes an appearance. Alan's delighted.
  • He meets a group of hip young people out by the pool, and miraculously, they're interested in him.
  • One of the young women tells Alan that Saudi Arabia is about to "pop": Women are ready to stand up for their rights.
  • She points to Abdullah's openness to change and the new freedoms promised for women at KAEC.
  • Alan thinks that if young and smart people believe this, it must be true. He's encouraged.

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