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A Hologram for the King Chapter 3

By Dave Eggers

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Chapter 3

  • Alan's still waiting for a driver to take him the King Abdullah Economic City, where his very young crew has been waiting for him.
  • It really doesn't matter how late he is, since no one actually knows when King Abdullah will show up.
  • Alan isn't put off by this. He feels that he just needs to play by the rules of the game, and he'll be victorious. A little name-dropping when he meets the king won't hurt, either.
  • He realizes that a lot is riding on this contract: it's literally a "keep the wolves at bay" situation for him.
  • Alan finally meets his driver, a man called Yousef. Yousef's around the same age as Kit, Alan's daughter, and drives an extremely questionable car. Oh, and he's not really a chauffeur.
  • Yousef has another surprise for Alan: he's being stalked by a jealous husband. Yousef makes sure to check the engine before they start off, just in case it's been wired to explode.
  • Alan's not sure about this whole situation, but he goes along with Yousef. They roll out across the desert toward the new city.
  • We learn that Yousef speaks such good English because he attended an American university for a year. In Alabama.
  • Yousef tells Alan that the angry husband pursuing him is actually the current husband of his ex-wife. Hubby can't convince himself that there's not still something between his wife and her ex.

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