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A Hologram for the King Chapter 34

By Dave Eggers

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Chapter 34

  • Fast forward to the end: Abdullah finally makes his way to KAEC, eleven days after Alan's date with Zahra.
  • The young people pull off a flawless and impressive hologram presentation, projecting and interacting with their colleague from London.
  • Abdullah politely claps and then immediately leaves. Alan doesn't get to mention his connection with Abdullah's nephew.
  • The king is whisked away to his car and the whole thing is Donesville.
  • As Alan watches the departure, he sees vans in front of the Black Box with Chinese writing on the sides.
  • After two hours, Alan sees the king leave the building with a crew of Chinese businessmen. They're clearly very buddy-buddy.
  • Alan learns that the Chinese businessmen had also done a presentation for the king. Inside the nice building.
  • Alan's crew leaves Saudi Arabia the next day. He stays on, hoping to speak with Karim.
  • Karim appears after three days and tells Alan that he thinks a Chinese firm has won the IT contract.
  • Alan makes a last ditch effort to win something for Reliant. He tells Karim he'd like to pitch some ideas to him. Alan knows he can't go back to the States a failure.
  • Karim tells him he'll think about it. He likes Alan and wants to help him out.
  • Sure.

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