Study Guide

A Hologram for the King Chapter 4

By Dave Eggers

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Chapter 4

  • Alan tries to convince himself that Kit's better off staying home from college for the next year. Her roommate was scary, anyway.
  • He continues across the desert with Yousef to KAEC. He reflects on a cross-country trip he'd taken with his ex-wife, Ruby, across the U.S.
  • Ruby had driven him nuts by talking about her exes, and they'd argued the whole way. Alan remembers feeling super alive during all that conflict.
  • Alan starts telling jokes to Yousef to pass the time on their drive. He recalls that Ruby hated his joke telling. Yousef doesn't seem to mind. Alan loves him.
  • Alan flashes back to the moment when the body of his friend, Charlie Fallon, was dragged from the lake back home.

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