Chapter 5

  • Alan learns from Yousef that there's really no development happening at KAEC, despite what Alan has been told.
  • Moreover, Yousef doesn't believe that the city will ever really be developed. He doesn't think that women will want to come live in Saudi Arabia because of the restrictions.
  • There are supposed to be more freedoms for women at KAEC, but Yousef doesn't believe those promises will be kept.
  • It all boils down to economics: globally, too many huge Middle Eastern cities are going bankrupt. Without money, nothing can progress.
  • This definitely drags Alan down. However, he puts his faith in King Abdullah and his money.
  • Yousef questions the stability of this. What if the old king dies?
  • Alan suffers here. He's seen the conceptual drawings for the new city and it looks magnificent. How could it not happen?
  • When they arrive at KAEC, Yousef's point of view seems confirmed. There's just nothing happening.
  • They see workers on the desolate road into the city futilely sweeping the desert sand off the sad road.

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