Study Guide

A Lesson Before Dying Chapter 13

By Ernest J. Gaines

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Chapter 13

  • On Sunday Grant hears Miss Eloise Bouie calling to his aunt from the road so they can walk to church together.
  • Grant refuses to go to church, so he spends Sunday morning trying to ignore the singing coming from all the devoted people around him.
  • He remembers the Friday before, when he had gotten back to the plantation late after seeing Jefferson and then Vivian.
  • His aunt is furious with him, and she's waiting with Miss Emma and the preacher, Reverend Ambrose.
  • She makes Grant sit down with them and explain how the visit with Jefferson went. He tries to tell them that Jefferson was fine, even though it's a lie.
  • The Reverend is concerned about whether or not Grant and Jefferson talked about God, which no, they didn't.
  • Suddenly, in the middle of the church music, Grant hears a car door and Vivian appears at his front door.

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