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A Lesson Before Dying Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • In the Pichot kitchen that evening, Grant talks to Inez, who is crying because she overheard Mr. Henri and Mr. Louis betting on whether or not Grant could get Jefferson ready to die.
  • Just to humiliate him, they leave Grant waiting in the kitchen through dinner, coffee, and brandy—two and a half hours. He refuses to sit down or take a cup of coffee or any food, because he is angry that he's back there again after all these years. He thought he has escaped.
  • Finally Henri, Louis, a fat man and Sam Guidry the sheriff come in and give Grant the third degree.
  • He irritates them because he answers using proper English and doesn't act like their inferior all the time.
  • Finally Sam Guidry says that Grant is allowed to go after a couple of weeks, but if he sees that Jefferson is getting "aggravated" he will cut off the visits.

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