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A Little Less Girl Plot Analysis

By Tess Oliver

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Plot Analysis


The Blame Game

Everyone in Raynesville blames Jake for the fact that Amy drove her car off a cliff. But Amy's cousin Dani, who's just moved to town, doesn't really believe Amy decided to end it all over some boy. Even if that boy is super dreamy. And with that, Dani's exploration of Amy's death begins.

Rising Action

Sleuthing and Swooning

Dani decides to dig a little deeper and find out exactly what happened to Amy by reading her diary, talking to her friends, and finding out a whole lot more about this Jake character. But the more Dani learns about Jake, the less she believes that he's responsible for Amy's death. She also might be slowly falling in love with him, so there's that little development. Swoon.


The Hero Triumphs

Dani finally decides that Jake isn't such a bad guy and Amy didn't kill herself at all. Of course she can't prove it, but still. When Jake steps in to defend Dani after she's attacked by a nutty ex-boyfriend, she knows he's definitely a good guy—no question about it—and with that, Jake is finally redeemed after being tormented by people's suspicions of him.

Falling Action

Love and Larceny

Dani finally comes to terms with Amy's death—she doesn't blame Jake and she's ready to move on. They kiss and Jake saves her (yeah, again) when someone who very badly wants to get his hands on Amy's diary breaks into her house.


Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Turns out that Mr. Dermott—everyone's favorite teacher—is the culprit behind Amy's untimely demise. Say what? In the final pages, Mr. Dermott confesses to having an affair with Amy and being there when she accidentally drove her car off that cliff. With that, Dani knows she's been right all along. Phew. With the truth out, Jake and Dani are free to kiss (some more) and live happily ever after. Yay.

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