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A Little Less Girl Writing Style

By Tess Oliver

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Writing Style

Clear and Contemporary

There's not much in A Little Less Girl to trip you up in terms of flowery or poetic passages. Sure, there's a whole lot of romance and mystery, but all this is relayed in a pretty straightforward way that should be fairly accessible for readers of any age. Take this passage:

"It seems you were right all along about your cousin," he said. "It was a terrible tragedy, and Dermott left the accident without notifying anyone. He's taught his last class in this town. I don't think anyone will be bothering you anymore. And let's hope Jake's hand can finally heal properly." He shook his head. "Never in a million years would I have expected Dermott to be behind all this." (36.5)

That's a quick-and-dirty wrap-up of the entire novel, but it also clearly tells you what happened to Amy and why Mr. Dermott is going to be in major trouble. Eh, that guy was no good anyway.

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