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Hannah West in A Little Less Girl

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Hannah West

Hannah is Jake's little sister and we see her just as she's starting high school. Unfortunately things aren't going so well for her. She might be pretty boy Jake's sister, but bummer for her, none of his popularity has rubbed off on her. Too bad he can't bottle it like pixie dust.

When Jake catches Hannah faking sick to stay home from school, he tells his little sis that she's just too smart for the kids at Raynesville High—and that she needn't worry. Once she's out of high school, she'll find friends who are more like her. Probably in college where all the other smart people hang out.

Jake might think that Hannah is too smart for her peers, but we also think that she could benefit from a little work in the social interaction department. This is her playing chess:

She picked up her queen and kicked the other girl's knight off the board. "You keep forgetting the mighty queen, Viv." That's when I noticed she had nearly cleared her opponent's pieces from the board. Three more girls sat down to watch, and Hannah rolled her eyes. She leaned her head toward me. "They're only here because you sat down."

Viv moved a pawn and Hannah sighed. "Well, that was a complete waste of time. You accomplished nothing." Hannah reached into the center of the board and slid her bishop diagonally to the girl's rook. "And you left your rook wide open. Think defense, Viv." (32.6-7)

Hannah, we get that you're a genius, but the smart girl swagger you're giving off could be a bit of a turn-off when it comes to meeting new people. Hey, it's just a thought. Otherwise, you do you, girl.

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