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Officer Moore in A Little Less Girl

By Tess Oliver

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Officer Moore

Officer Moore (who's also called Chief Moore sometimes) is the face of local law enforcement. Not only is he Alex's dad, but he's also our link to everything that's going on in the criminal world of Raynesville. And while he botched the investigation into Amy's death (not a suicide, dude), he looks like a total pro when he rushes to Dani's house with guns drawn to stop her home invader:

A second squad car arrived exhausting the resources of the Raynesville Police Force. My mom gasped as the guns were drawn. I wondered how often they'd had to pull their guns in this town. Still they moved stealthily around the house like true professionals. Alex's dad looked menacing with his pointed pistol. (33.85)

Like a lot of police officers in novels, Officer Moore pretty much functions as one big convenient info dump. After all, how could Dani get details about Amy's death? Or find out where Cody is when she suspects him of foul play? You need a cop to tell you what's up in these situations and Officer Moore never misses a chance to fill us in on the juicy details.

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