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A Little Less Girl Chapter 10

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 10


  • Back home, Dani heads up to her room and spots Jake from her bedroom window; he's helping his little sister carry her backpack.
  • Dani was kind of hoping Jake would be some conceited monster so she could just hate him for what he said to Amy and get on with her life.
  • But so far he just seems like a decent guy. He even helped Blister at lunch when Alex was ragging on him, and he clearly doesn't have eyes for Katrina.
  • Dani comes across one of Amy's sketchpads, which includes lots of pictures of Jake. Maybe the diary will have more details, too?
  • In these entries, Amy sees Jake a few times, but he doesn't notice her.
  • She also doesn't have a good day with food and she wishes that everyone still wore fancy empire-waist gowns so no one would notice her lack of hips.
  • This just makes Dani sad. Sure, Amy always liked to eat, but Dani didn't know it ran so deep. Maybe Amy really was depressed?
  • In another entry, Amy talks more about Ryan Wilford. He's sick, probably with cancer. He was out of school for a few months, but now he's back and everyone is staring at him.
  • She also mentions how nice Mr. Dermott was. Amy didn't have a partner for the history project, so he volunteered to be matched up with her. That is one stand-up dude.
  • Dani realizes that she's in one of Mr. Dermott's classes. She agrees that he seems pretty nice.
  • Dani sits back for a while and thinks about home. Here she is in her very own house. She always thought that she might go live with Grammie—her mom's had some pretty rough patches with drugs—but Dani always thought her mom needed her, so she stuck around. As it turns out, Amy might have needed her more.
  • Out the window, Dani can see Jake's house. Amy might have dreamed of romance, but Dani just wants to live a normal life.

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