Study Guide

A Little Less Girl Chapter 11

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 11


  • In Comparative Religion class, Jake notices Mr. Dermott talking to Dani.
  • He seems pretty chummy with Dani, which is kind of annoying. Of course, it's no secret that practically every girl at Raynesville High has a crush on Mr. Dermott—but Dani wouldn't fall for that, would she?
  • During class Dani offers her thoughts on religious institutions. Jake can't help but offer some of his own back. He thinks religion can help people face death, but Dani isn't so sure—not everyone is afraid of death, she notes; some people even seek it out. Snap.
  • Blister isn't thrilled with Jake's back-and-forth with Dani so he passes Jake a note telling him to just jump Dani's bones and get it over with.
  • Mr. Dermott doesn't appreciate the note-passing and he lets Jake know it in front of everyone.
  • Stupid Mr. Dermott.

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