Study Guide

A Little Less Girl Chapter 12

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 12


  • Dani thinks Amy's description of Mr. Dermott is pretty spot-on. The guy is dreamy, smart, and confident. Kudos for your good taste, Amy.
  • Jake on the other hand? Well, the jury's still out on him.
  • Mr. Dermott catches up with Dani in the hallway and mentions that she might try applying for a scholarship for swimmers with high GPAs. Dani hasn't made the team yet, but she'd definitely be interested if she does. Wow, Mr. Dermott is just so awesome and caring, right?
  • Alex sees Dani walking by and he asks her if she want to go hang out with him and his friends at the Bus this weekend.
  • Dani's not dying to hang with Alex, but she thinks that a little mingling could help her figure this place out.
  • Maybe Jake will be there?
  • Hmm… why did she think of Jake all of a sudden?

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