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A Little Less Girl Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


  • After school, at swim tryouts, Jake is getting everything organized.
  • Katrina's best friend, Becky, says hi to him and Katrina shoots him a death stare. Katrina might be the fastest girl swimmer they have, but her attitude is the worst.
  • Just then, Dani emerges from the locker room and walks over to join the other swimmers who are trying out.
  • Coach Higgins introduces Jake to everyone and goes over how competitive this swim program is—it's sink or swim, guppies.
  • Katrina peels off her sweatshirt, which is very distracting to the freshmen boys who are trying out for the team. Blister is up in the stands, but he only has eyes for Dani.
  • Coach Higgins decides to race Dani against the other senior girls. Jake notices a small mermaid tattoo on Dani's shoulder. Hmmm… foreshadowing possibly?
  • Yup. Once Dani hits the water, she glides ahead of the other girls. Her times are amazing and Coach Higgins is losing his mind; he has Dani race a couple more times with several other stokes, but she's the fastest thing in the water that day. Clearly, Dani is in.
  • After tryouts, Jake sees Dani sitting on the bleachers shivering, so he hands her his sweatshirt. Katrina makes a snide comment and Blister shoots Jake a death stare of his own.
  • Inside Coach Higgins's office, he shows Jake an article he pulled up online. It's about a swimmer from California named Danielle Spencer who earned the nickname the Little Mermaid for being so darn fast in the pool.
  • Coach Higgins is pretty psyched. Not only does he have Jake on the team, Dani is going to be an amazing anchor for the girls. Championships, here we come.
  • Jake is pretty excited, too, but he's more interested in getting to know Dani out of the water. If you know what we mean… (You do, we know you do.)

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