Study Guide

A Little Less Girl Chapter 14

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 14


  • Back at home, Dani thinks about Amy and Jake. How can she hate Jake when he keeps doing nice things like loaning her sweatshirts? Ugh.
  • Dani notices the horses across the street again and she walks over to see them. Then she notices Jake coming toward them, too.
  • She thinks about running away, but that would be a little bit silly. Besides, Jake is sort of breathtaking—Amy had good taste… though Dani feels like a traitor for even thinking about Jake this way.
  • Jake talks to Dani about the horse she's petting. He got him when he was seven years old (how adorable). He asks Dani if she's liking Raynesville so far.
  • Dani tells Jake she could get used to the place, and then she starts back home.
  • Jake interrupts her to mention that she's a really great swimmer. Um… duh.
  • Dani just stands there looking at Jake in all his romantic hero goodness and all she can muster is "thanks" before heading back home.

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