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A Little Less Girl Chapter 15

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 15


  • At his house, Jake keeps thinking about Dani. It's not just that she's beautiful or a great swimmer, there's something else. It's like she knows the truth about Amy—she's the only one who can tell Jake whether or not he's responsible for Amy's death.
  • Upstairs, Jake takes a shower and then combs out his long hair. He used to keep it short, but he grew it long after Amy died as sort of a tribute to her. Too bad she wasn't around to see it.
  • Blister stops by later and is pretty annoyed with Jake for moving in on his woman. Jake assures him there's nothing between him and Dani, but Blister's not buying it.
  • He knows that Jake likes Dani. Everyone does. It's just harder for Jake because no one's ever rejected him.
  • Jake wonders if Blister has kissed Dani yet. Blister says nope, no one has, but Alex is certainly gunning to be the first. He invited Dani to the Bus and told her that he might jump off Lucifer's Ledge. What a turd.
  • Blister mentions that he stopped by Dani's house. Her mom is a little weird, but on the upside, he found out where the scar on her face came from—a dog.
  • Jake suspects that isn't quite right, but doesn't say anything.
  • Blister tells Jake that Dani is going to walk to school with them the next morning, but Jake should definitely refrain from putting any moves on her.
  • After Blister leaves, Jake can't help picking up his sweatshirt and pressing it to his face to breath in the sweet smell of Dani.

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