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A Little Less Girl Chapter 17

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 17


  • The next morning, Jake, Dani, and Blister walk to school together.
  • On the way, they pass by a house with a huge, mean Rottweiler in the yard who always barks and growls at them.
  • The dog lunges at the three of them, but Dani isn't afraid. She just smiles at the dog and then reaches down to pet him, and then she waves to the dog's owner, Mr. Walker.
  • Afterward, Jake and Blister explain that no one ever talks to Mr. Walker or pets his dog—the guy's always outside watching everyone with a scowl.
  • Dani says that maybe he's just been waiting for someone to say hello. Oh, Dani.
  • At school, Blister heads off and Dani tells Jake how much his best friend looks up to him.
  • Jake's not so sure, but he tells Dani not to hurt Blister if she can help it.
  • Dani says she wouldn't do that.
  • Jake asks her why she lied about her scar being from a dog bite—after all, people who are attacked by dogs don't usually walk up to pet vicious-looking ones like she just did.
  • Dani tells him that not everyone can have a charmed life, by which we assume she's referring to the fact that Jake grew up on a pony farm. Ponies!
  • Jake stares at her for a long time. He can sense what she's thinking, or at least he thinks he does. Dani wants to know why—why he said those cruel things to Amy.
  • He tells her that it was only five words; Amy wasn't supposed to hear. As soon as he saw her listening, he wanted to take back what he'd said back, but he couldn't.
  • Dani tells Jake that he was Amy's romantic hero, but Jake doesn't believe those types of guys really exist. They're only in books.
  • Dani says Amy had to find that out the hard way.
  • Jake wants to ask Dani if she thinks he's responsible for Amy's death, but he doesn't and instead he tells her how sorry he is.
  • Dani is, too.

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