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A Little Less Girl Chapter 18

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 18


  • Dani is getting ready to head to the Bus. While she's waiting for Alex and Blister to pick her up, though, she decides to read Amy's diary a bit.
  • Amy talks about how embarrassed she was one day in gym class when she couldn't run the mile. She decides to stop with all the junk food—her mom died from heart failure and Amy's not going to let the same thing happen to her.
  • Dani knew Amy had lost weight, but she always assumed it was because of Jake. Could there be another reason?
  • Amy mentions running and working out. She's also found a new secret place to paint and it keeps her mind off food and she can be alone there.
  • Dani also notices another entry—this one looks like it's written in anger.
  • Amy tells her diary that Jake West is kind of jerk. He told his friend that he "prefers a little less girl." Whatever, Jake; Amy prefers someone who's a whole lot more man. Oh, snap.
  • Dani can't believe it—these aren't the things that someone who was heartbroken would write. Amy didn't try to lose weight because of what Jake said, and she wasn't torn to pieces by his words either. In fact, she knew she was too darn good for him.
  • Dani flips through the rest of the entries. It seems Amy did lose a whole lot of weight, and she got noticed. In fact, Alex invited her to the Bus one weekend and mentioned that they might play the Game. His friend, Chuck, was also going to be there. Maybe, Amy wrote, she'd make a go for him—look out, Chuck.
  • Alex honks his horn and Dani rushes outside. She's determined to find out what's up with the Bus and this "Game" thing.
  • The guys explain to Dani about the Bus—it seems some hippies lived in it years ago and then abandoned it in the woods—and Dani asks about the Game.
  • Alex thinks they should come back that night and play it, but Blister isn't so sure. No one has played it since… well, since, you know.
  • Blister changes the subject to Alex's friend, Chuck, asking whether he's back in town.
  • Dani perks up and asks if Amy knew Chuck, too.
  • Alex tells her maybe… Chuck was around last year, but not for long.
  • They get to the Bus but Dani hasn't learned any new info. She is, however, kind of excited to see Jake standing there.
  • Seriously, though, a crush on Jake is the last thing Dani needs right now.

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