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A Little Less Girl Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


  • Inside the Mustang, Dani and her mom eat some snacks and have a tense conversation.
  • Dani is upset because they just stopped at the place where her cousin Amy's car went off the road and it reminded Dani all over again how she missed Amy's funeral. And her grandmother's funeral a few months later, too.
  • Missing these funerals was pretty much all her mom's fault. They were on the run from one of her mom's insane ex-boyfriends at the time, so they couldn't go.
  • Now the two most important people in Dani's world—Amy and Grammie—are gone, and she's left here with her ex-drug-addict, heavily tattooed mother. Wonderful.
  • But Dani's mom isn't willing to concede that all Dani's problems are her fault. What about Cody?
  • Um, Cody only became obsessed with Dani when her mom invited the kid and his dad to move into their house. So, yes, that one was also Mom's doing.
  • Dani and her mom drive through Raynesville and finally pull up to the house that used to belong to Grammie.
  • This is where Grammie moved to get away from her hometown. At least in Raynesville no one knew that she raised two daughters who both wound up pregnant as teenagers.
  • While Amy's mom got her act together, Dani's mom could never quite figure out the whole mothering thing. Thank goodness for Grammie, though. Without her, Dani never would have survived past the toddler years.
  • Now here they are standing in front of Grammie's house. This is going to be their new place; Grammie left it to them, along with some money, when she died.
  • Dani's never really lived anywhere she considered home before. She and her mom have moved around so much, and Dani was even sent to foster care a couple times. But now she finally has a safe place to call home. Yay.

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