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A Little Less Girl Chapter 20

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 20


  • After the jump, Dani decides to dry out on some rocks.
  • She hadn't realized that jumping from the Ledge was such a huge deal; she'd assumed that kids in Raynesville did it all the time. Had she known, she never would have tried something so crazy.
  • Jake comes out to join her and they hear Chuck's motorcycle pull up. Dani can't make out his face behind his helmet, though, and the guy ends up pulling away after taking one look at Dani. That's weird…
  • After a minute, Jake tells Dani that he needs to show her something. He leads her to a giant pipe next to a stream and they walk inside. On the wall Dani sees a whole collage of Amy's pictures, including one of Jake on his horse. This must be the secret place Amy mentioned.
  • Jake tells Dani that he saw Amy walking down here with a bunch of paints and so he followed.
  • Dani can't help but notice that someone has gone over the pictures with a clear coat of varnish, like they were trying to protect them. It was Jake (of course).
  • Dani notices a picture of Mr. Dermott. Jake tells her that he and Amy were friends, and Amy would go to his office a lot for counseling.
  • Hmmm… maybe Mr. Dermott will have some answers about Amy?

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