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A Little Less Girl Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


  • When Jake and Dani get back to the Bus, Katrina and Blister are shooting them daggers. Jake doesn't care, though—after all, they blamed him for Amy's death, and so long as Dani doesn't think he's responsible, all is well.
  • Alex mentions that they've all decided to come back that night and play the Game.
  • Blister explains to Dani exactly what it is: Each girl is tied up and left alone in the woods at night, and a boy has to come find her. The last couple to come back has to strip down to their underwear and stand by the side of the road while cars pass.
  • Jake tells Dani how weak the game actually is, but Dani agrees to come—well, if Jake will come, too.
  • He agrees (shocking), but he's not looking forward to it.

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