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A Little Less Girl Chapter 22

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 22


  • Back home, Dani showers and gets ready to play the Game. She thinks it sounds kind of dumb but she's also hoping it will give her some insight into Amy. So, Game on.
  • Dani takes a quick peek at Amy's diary. She notices that she's nearly at the last entry—looks like playing the Game was one of the last things Amy did.
  • Jake comes to pick Dani up, but Blister isn't with him since he's annoyed that Jake is trying to come between him and Dani. Hmm… he might be right about that.
  • Dani asks Jake if he was there when Amy played the Game.
  • He says he was and explains that Amy was out in the woods for a long time. When Jake finally found her, she was untied and just sitting there crying. She left without telling anyone what happened and everyone just figured she had freaked out from being alone for so long.
  • This isn't great news, but Dani's still determined to play the Game and figure out what might have happened to Amy out there.
  • At the Bus, everyone picks partners and Jake randomly draws Dani's name; he's the one who has to find her.
  • Alex is in charge of hiding the girls. When he gets Dani to her spot in the woods, he ties her hands and legs to a chair with rope and then blindfolds and gags her.
  • Dani isn't the type of person to panic, but she starts to feel pretty shaky once she's sitting there all alone in the dark, tied up and unable to see.
  • Of course Dani realizes that Jake is probably right: Amy just panicked after being by herself for so long. Dani is certainly starting to.
  • After a bit, Dani hears footsteps and someone comes up to her and takes her gag off—and then he grabs her face and kisses her. What? Dani bites his lip and the guy pulls away. She screams.
  • She hears more footsteps and Jake appears to untie her. He wants to know how she got her gag off.
  • Someone else untied it, which is creepy.
  • Back at the Bus, Blister and Alex are there. Dani figures it couldn't have been either of them, and neither of the other guys have bite marks on their lips when they come back either. So who was it?
  • Katrina and her partner are the losers and have to strip down, but Dani asks Jake to take her home.
  • During the car ride, she tells Jake that she only sees Blister as a friend, nothing more.
  • Jake tells her that she's not the kind of girl guys want to be friends with.
  • Dani realizes that she's falling for Jake despite trying so hard not to. She thinks about telling him what happened, but she can't quite get the words out. The whole thing has left her wondering whether the same thing happened to Amy when she was out there all alone in those woods…

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