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A Little Less Girl Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


  • After swim practice, Jake sees Dani sitting by the pool; he can tell she's feeling sad.
  • She tells him how much she misses Amy, and Jake tells her about Ryan Wilford and how Amy was always nice to him.
  • Dani says she knows that Jake and Ryan were friends, too.
  • Jake has a sudden urge to kiss her, but he just doesn't think he'll ever be able to work up the courage to do it. He offers Dani a ride home instead.
  • While she's getting changed, Coach Higgins spots Jake and mentions that he shouldn't do anything to throw Dani off her swimming game. Um, Jake wasn't planning on it, Coach.
  • Coach Higgins tells Jake that they both know he's messed up a few girls in his time at Raynesville High. Seriously, dude?
  • As they walk to the parking lot, Jake asks Dani what it was like to jump from the Ledge.
  • Dani admits it was scary, and says that if she had thought about it more, she probably wouldn't have tried it. Jake was brave, though—not only did he jump from the lower ledge, he was the only one who tried to save her. Everyone else just stood there.
  • Jake tells her it was pretty much him or no one, and then admits he was totally worried. He really likes this girl a ton.
  • Jake asks about the Game and how Dani's feeling.
  • Her answer? Not awesome. It was kind of weird that someone pulled off her gag and kissed her.
  • Jake is ticked, but Dani isn't too freaked out about it, though it does make her wonder about Amy. Did the same thing happen to her out there in the dark? Or was it something worse?

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