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A Little Less Girl Chapter 24

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 24


  • Inside her house, Dani's mom mentions that she and Frank might come to Dani's first meet.
  • Dani just wonders who the heck Frank is, though.
  • Oh, he's her mom's new boyfriend.
  • Dani is not thrilled. Her mom does not have the best track record with guys, though she assures Dani that this guy is different.
  • Then Dani lets it out: She tells her mom that she doesn't think Amy killed herself.
  • Her mom tells her that it might be hard to believe, but they just have to accept that Amy was hurting inside and they didn't know about it.
  • The next morning, Dani ignores her mom's advice and heads to see Mr. Dermott. Dani wants to know if Amy ever mentioned being depressed or suicidal when she would come see him for counseling.
  • Mr. Dermott is all nope, though he also points out that Amy had a lot on her mind—her mom died, her grandma was getting older, plus she was overweight.
  • But Dani's not buying it. She asks Mr. Dermott why everyone in this town wants to sweep things under the rug, and then she pulls out the big guns and tells him Amy kept a diary, which reveals something creepy happened to her. She asks Mr. Dermott if Amy ever mentioned anything about that.
  • Mr. Dermott tells Dani that he can't really say much more.
  • Dani leaves his office disappointed. Will she ever figure out what happened to Amy?

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