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A Little Less Girl Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


  • At the first swim meet of the year, Jake is busy making sure he has everything in order as both a coach and the star swimmer of the boys' squad.
  • Coach Higgins is super excited for the other team to see Dani in action as she blows them out of the water.
  • Jake asks Dani how she's feeling. Is she nervous? Dani says not really. She and Blister did have a long talk, though, and they're just going to be friends. Seems Dani had a bad relationship last year and she'd rather just be alone right now.
  • Darn, Jake thinks to himself. Though, on the upside, he's glad that Blister will stop being mad at him.
  • Once the meet starts, Dani destroys the competition, and by the time she's finished, the crowd is chanting, "Mermaid! Mermaid!" as she swims. Coach Higgins wonders why she's not swimming on the Olympic team.
  • Afterward, Jake and the boys' team race, but it's not nearly as exciting as Dani's races. Jake always thought he was a good swimmer, until he saw Dani in action.
  • After the meet, Alex and Blister congratulate Jake and Dani and mention that they're ready for the bonfire tonight. A bonfire after the first swim meet is tradition.
  • Jake asks Dani if she wants a ride to the bonfire. Surprise, surprise, she does.
  • Mr. Dermott overhears them talking and comes up to see Dani. He mentions the swimming scholarships again, and suggests she stop by his office tomorrow to pick up the applications.
  • Coach Higgins is elated by the win and having Dani on the team. Dani has this effect on people—Jake knows the feeling.

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