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A Little Less Girl Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


  • On the car ride home, Dani's mom mentions that it might not be such a great thing if word gets out that a super fast swimmer with a mermaid tattoo on her shoulder has moved to Raynesville.
  • Dani thinks it's going to be okay, though; they'll just have to keep their eyes out and make sure none of Mom's ugly skeletons come trying to find them.
  • At the house, Dani's mom has made dinner. Like, a real dinner. Dani's pretty amazed, and feels like her mom is making progress. For her mom's part, she notices that Dani is spending a lot of time with Jake.
  • That night, Jake picks up Dani and she can't shake the feeling that she shouldn't be thinking all these dreamy thoughts about him.
  • On the car ride to the bonfire, Dani asks about the bonfire and tells Jake about her mermaid tattoo and the nickname.
  • At the bonfire, Alex tells them that Chuck is finally going to show up. Dani is kind of interested in meeting him; so far, this guy is pretty elusive and mythical.
  • When Chuck finally shows up, Dani is pretty surprised. Turns out Chuck's real name is Cody—as in the crazy drug-dealing Cody who was obsessed with Dani back in California. Gulp.
  • Dani realizes it must have been Cody who kissed her the other night during the Game. Yuck.
  • A stream of questions comes running from Dani's mouth: Did Cody come here to find Amy? Did he attack her last year? And where is Cody's creepy dad?
  • Cody tells her that his dad is in jail, and he never attacked Amy—he just wanted to find Dani. He can't live without her; he needs her.
  • Dani is totally disgusted by this guy and doesn't want anything to do with him. But Cody's not having it, and he grabs her and tries to kiss her.
  • At the same moment, Jake grabs Cody and punches him right in the face.
  • Cody reaches into his boot, though, and pulls out a knife. He manages to slice Jake's hand pretty good before Alex scares him off.
  • Blister wraps Jake's hand and Alex calls his dad to report what happened to the police.
  • Dani is freaking out: Cody has been following her this whole time, and now everyone knows about her sordid past. Plus Jake is hurt all because of her.
  • Blister and Dani drive Jake to the hospital. It looks like his swim season might be over with this nasty cut on his hand.
  • Jake wants to know about Cody so Dani explains. She hasn't seen him in a year, and they actually never really dated; he was just totally obsessed with her. It was Cody's dad who gave her the scar on her face.
  • At the hospital, Alex's dad talks to Dani in order to file a police report about the incident. Dani tells him that she thinks Cody might have had something to do with Amy's death.
  • Alex's dad assures Amy there was no evidence of foul play. The only other tire tracks at the scene were a motorcycle, and as far as they could tell, that bike just happened by before the accident.
  • At which point Dani tells him Cody drives a motorcycle. Whoa.
  • Alex's dad agrees to reopen the file and see if there's anything they missed the first time. Maybe Cody is part of this somehow…
  • Jake has to get eight stitches in his hand and his mom drives Dani home.
  • At home, Dani tells her mom that creepy Cody showed up and attacked her and wounded Jake. Her mom is really upset that her terrible past has caught up with them here.
  • Alex's dad also stops by the house to let Dani know he looked at the report from Amy's accident again. Turns out, Cody was in jail the night Amy died—Alex's dad picked him up for drunk and disorderly conduct—so he couldn't have had anything to do with Amy's death.
  • Alex's dad lets Dani know that Cody won't be around for long; they're shipping him back to California where he has some more warrants out for his arrest. Alex's dad assures Dani and her mom that they've probably seen the last of Cody. Good riddance.

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