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A Little Less Girl Chapter 28

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 28


  • As Dani runs home, she realizes Jake is right—she is obsessing over Amy's death.
  • Maybe it's because she doesn't want to accept the fact that her best friend was in such pain that she killed herself and Dani wasn't around to help her when she needed it.
  • She never really thought Jake was involved with Amy's death, she just had to check. But how is she ever going to face him now?
  • Up in her room, Dani looks through Amy's diary one last time.
  • The book is so Amy. Dani thinks about what an incredible person she was and can't shake the idea that she let her down somehow.
  • Later, Blister stops by Dani's house. Apparently he's been to Jake's and he knows the whole story—he shows Dani his palms as a joke.
  • Blister tells Dani it isn't her fault. Sometimes people just get obsessed with things. Amy was obsessed with Jake, Cody was obsessed with Dani, and now Dani's obsessed with finding out about Amy's death.
  • Dani asks Blister what Jake thinks of her, and Blister guesses Jake will come around pretty soon. After all, he's pretty obsessed with Dani.
  • Blister explains that Jake has always had things pretty darn easy, but what happened with Amy kind of shook him up; Jake couldn't stand the fact that he had made her feel bad about herself. The fact that Dani doesn't blame him for Amy's death really helps a lot, though.
  • After Blister leaves, Dani starts working on an essay for school, but it morphs into a letter for Amy. She tells her how much she misses her and asks why she left them, and then Dani tells Amy how broken up Jake is about what happened to her. Sniff, sniff.
  • Dani writes and cries until she hears Jake's voice outside her window. She looks and see him on his horse talking to his mom. Dani stares at Jake until he looks away.

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