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A Little Less Girl Chapter 29

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 29


  • The next morning, Blister sees Jake at school and tells him that he got an email from his estranged dad. Apparently Blister's dad has married someone else and had another kid… and this is the first Blister's hearing of it.
  • Jake agrees that this news is pretty much the worst.
  • He's also thinking about Dani a lot. He probably overreacted last night. After all, why wouldn't she suspect him of having hurt Amy? Everyone else did.
  • In English class, Ms. Miller has a pop quiz ready for them. (Too kind, Ms. Miller.) This teacher clearly has it out for Blister, and when he drops his pen she yells at him.
  • Blister is in no mood for her today, though, so he sasses back and Ms. Miller sends him along to the principal's office. Well that escalated quickly…
  • Jake can't help but notice that Blister's basically been sent to the principal over dropping his pen, so he raises his hand and asks if this is the standard punishment for pen-dropping in this school.
  • Ms. Miller is not amused, so she sends Jake to the office right along with Blister.
  • In the office, the secretary is surprised to see Jake. She mentions that they got a fax from the doctor about how Jake can't swim. Bummer.
  • Jake says he's so glad everyone is concerned about his swimming career and not the fact that his hand was sliced open by some crazy dude.
  • The principal is out for the morning, so Mr. Dermott is handling all the disciplinary cases currently. Great.
  • Jake heads in to see him and Mr. Dermott is his usual cheery self. He tells Jake that next time he acts up he'll get suspended. Oh, and he has one more thing to say: Jake needs to stay away from Dani.
  • Huh? Why would Mr. Dermott care?
  • Mr. Dermott tells Jake that he's done enough damage to the ladies in Dani's family; Dani doesn't need him hanging around ruining her chances for a swimming scholarship. After all, everyone knows Jake's a player.
  • Jake is not having this, though, and he tells Mr. Dermott that he'll see whomever he wants to, thank you very much.
  • Jake is completely annoyed by the time he gets out of the guy's office and he asks the school secretary to call his mom and see if he can go home sick. His hand does hurt, after all.
  • At home, Jake finds Hannah, who stayed home sick with a sore throat.
  • Turns out school isn't going so great for Hannah. She's always in the shadow of her perfect, awesome big brother, Jake. People want to be her friend… until they find out she's nothing like him.
  • Jake tells her that school is the pits. She's smart and awesome and she's probably going to have to wait for college to find people more like her. So it gets better… we guess.
  • The two sickies sit on the coach and watch TV. When The Little Mermaid comes on, Hannah asks about Dani and how Jake feels about her.
  • Um… he likes her. A lot. Duh.

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