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A Little Less Girl Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


  • When Jake gets home, he sees the yellow Mustang in the driveway of Amy's house, which is down the block from his.
  • No one has lived there since Amy's grandma died three months after she did, but that looks like it's about to change.
  • Inside the house, Jake sees his little sister, Hannah. Tomorrow is her first day of high school, but Jake's not going to be able to drive her since his Jeep is still sitting by the side of the road.
  • Then Jake heads into the family's home office and finds his mom and dad there. They are obviously having a very adult conversation since they stop speaking as soon as they spot Jake.
  • It seems Jake's dad has been talking to Coach Higgins, who's in charge of the Raynesville swim team. The coach needs Jake back on the team; he's their best swimmer. And he also needs him to help out as an assistant coach.
  • Two years ago, Jake would have been pretty psyched about this offer, but things are different now that Amy's dead and the whole town blames him for it. He tells his parents thanks, but no thanks. They're not amused.
  • Jake also mentions that he saw someone at Amy's house. It seems her aunt has inherited the place and she'll be moving in with her daughter.
  • They must have been the ones who left the lime Jell-O. And, hey, if they knew Amy that well, then they definitely know all about Jake West and how he pushed poor Amy into an early grave. Ugh.

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