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A Little Less Girl Chapter 30

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 30


  • At lunch, Dani and Blister sit together. He's still bummed about his dad, but he also wants to know if Dani is going to keep ignoring Jake for much longer.
  • Dani says it's doubtful—he's way too dreamy, plus she's bad at holding grudges.
  • Blister tells Dani he wishes he could have seen Jake tell off Ms. Miller.
  • After school, Dani is supposed to be at swim practice, but decides to skip it. She's quitting the team. Or so she thinks…
  • She sits in the library for about half an hour before deciding to go to practice. She likes this school and she likes this team; she finally belongs somewhere and she's not going to lose that.
  • When she walks into practice, Dani's missed warm-ups, but she jumps in the pool anyway. Coach Higgins looks really relieved to see her. Even Jake has a little smile for her.
  • During the first couple laps in the pool, though, Dani suddenly gets a cramp in her leg—so much for skipping warm-ups. She's having a hard time staying above the water when she feels Jake's arms around her pulling her to safety. He's jumped in to save her even though he's not supposed to be in the water because of his hand. Jake doesn't seem to mind, though, and he helps Dani with her cramp and then goes to re-bandage his hand.
  • In Coach Higgins's office, Dani sees Jake rewrapping his hand and offers to help.
  • See? No bite marks, Jake jokes with her.
  • Dani tells him that she's sorry and she knows he would never hurt Amy. She really loves Jake and she could never like someone who could turn out to be a violent jerk.
  • Jake tells Dani he's glad they're still friends. Friends, eh? Sure.
  • In the locker room, Dani hears someone clanging around and she starts to get a little worried. According to Alex, Cody is heading back to California, but she just can't shake the feeling that someone is following her and doesn't want to be seen. Weird.
  • Back at home, Dani sees her mom hanging out with her new boyfriend, Frank. Dani is pleasantly surprised because the guy looks and acts different from the usual bums her mom brings home.
  • More good news: Frank's offered Dani's mom a cashier job at his hardware store.
  • After he leaves, Dani comments on how much her mom as has changed—in a good way. She actually seems happy now, which is a really good thing.

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