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A Little Less Girl Chapter 31

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 31


  • At dinner that night, Jake's dad is annoyed because he heard about the whole jumping-in-the-pool-to-save-a-drowning-girl thing. Doesn't Jake know the stitches on his hand have to stay dry if the cut's going to heal properly?
  • Jake's mom comes to his defense, though; she thinks her son was pretty heroic. Jake's dad agrees, much to Jake's surprise.
  • Jake's dad isn't too keen on Dani and her mom, though. Seems he's found out about their unsavory past from Officer Moore and he doesn't like the trouble they've brought into town.
  • Again, Jake's mom comes to the rescue and says how delightful Dani and her mom are.
  • After dinner, Jake walks over to Dani's house to check on her. Perhaps she wants to walk over to see some baby owls Jake found living in a nearby tree?
  • Jake can tell her leg is still feeling off, though. Dani says she'll be better tomorrow, and Jake observes that she must be used to a little pain since she's tattooed. Dani smiles.
  • Jake's glad Dani and her mom are getting used to Raynesville; hopefully they'll be in town for a long time.
  • Dani explains that she always wanted to be part of a perfect little family, but it just never happened that way. One time, she tried to impress a social worker by cleaning up the entire house and baking, but when the woman arrived, she saw Dani's mom strung out with some guy in her bedroom and Dani ended up in a foster home.
  • Jake asks if Dani could've gone to her grandma's, and Dani admits she might've been able to. Her mom needed her, though, and she just couldn't leave her behind.
  • When it's time to finally go inside, Dani thanks Jake for helping her in the pool today… and for jumping in after her when she jumped off the Ledge… and for getting between her and Cody… and protecting Amy's paintings. Wow—that's a whole lot of thanks.
  • Then Dani takes his hurt hand and gently kisses it.
  • Jake can barely stop himself from grabbing her and kissing her as she walks inside the house.

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