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A Little Less Girl Chapter 32

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 32


  • The next day, Dani can't stop thinking about why she kissed Jake's hand.
  • Okay, she knows why—he's gorgeous and kind and wonderful—but she wonders what Jake will think of it all.
  • During lunch, Dani stops to watch Hannah playing chess against some other girl in the quad. Dani realizes it must be tough for her to relate to other girls because she's so smart.
  • After a few minutes, Dani gets up and takes a walk over to Mr. Dermott's office. She's supposed to meet him to grab those scholarship forms.
  • Mr. Dermott invites her inside and asks her how she's feeling. Is she still upset about Amy?
  • Well, Dani probably won't ever totally get over it, but she guesses she has to accept that there might be some things she'll never know about Amy.
  • Mr. Dermott is glad. But he also has one more thing to tell Dani: She might want to think twice about hanging out with Jake West. He's the one who sent Amy down a bad path with crash-dieting and such in the first place.
  • Dani tells Mr. Dermott he's wrong. She knows because she read all about it in Amy's diary. Amy didn't want to die like her mother did and that's why she started dieting—she wasn't looking for death, she was afraid of it. So Dani knows Amy would never commit suicide.
  • As Dani leaves the office, Mr. Dermott hands her the scholarship papers, and as he does, she notices that he happens to have a small crescent-shaped scar on the palm of his hand. It looks oddly like a bite mark. Huh…
  • Outside Mr. Dermott's office, Dani feels dizzy. She runs into Jake, who winds up catching her as she collapses onto the floor. (Because of course he does.)
  • Once Dani regains her composure Jake asks if everything's okay. Dani just can't tell him what she saw, though. That scar could be anything, right? She must be overreacting. It's like Jake said—she's obsessed and she needs to stop.
  • Jake walks Dani to class and she tells him that she was feeling upset about Amy, nothing else.
  • Dani tells Jake that when she came to town she wanted to hate him but she just couldn't.
  • Jake reaches down to touch her face and then kisses her once softly.
  • Dani is so overcome with emotion that she starts to cry and Jake instantly apologizes.
  • Dani tells him not to, though, saying, "I needed that kiss."

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