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A Little Less Girl Chapter 33

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 33


  • The rest of Jake's day is pretty much a blur. He couldn't stop himself from kissing Dani, and now it's all he can think about.
  • Blister lets him know that the whole school pretty much knows about him and Dani making out in the hall.
  • Jake explains that's not quite what happened and tells Blister they just hugged. Yeah, it's a little white lie.
  • After school, Jake has to drop his car off with Alex to rotate the tires and Blister and Dani come along. They're all joking around with Alex when Blister mentions scars on the palms of people's hands.
  • Alex brings up some pretty nasty bite marks on Cody's hand, saying Cody got them last year, purportedly from some girl in a bar.
  • Looks like Dani was right all along and Cody did have something to do with Amy's attack. Dani's sure he's the guy in the painting.
  • After they leave the auto shop, Dani is really upset. She feels like Cody came to find Amy because of her, and Amy got hurt because of her. She's worried that Cody did something so terrible to Amy that she killed herself.
  • Then Dani mentions Mr. Dermott and the mark she saw on his hand, explaining that this was why she was so upset after coming out of his office.
  • Jake knows exactly the scar Dani is talking about. He says Mr. Dermott's had it for a long time and that he got it when he used to ride motorcross. So it can't be him in the painting.
  • Jake and Blister tell Dani that what happened to Amy isn't her fault; plus it looks like Amy stopped Cody from hurting her any worse by biting the heck out of his hand. Way to fight, girl.
  • Jake drops Dani off at home after swim practice and they notice Dani's mom inside the house. They sit in the driveway for a minute and talk about scars. Dani thinks scars look cool on guys but not so much on girls; Jake disagrees.
  • Before Dani gets out of the car, Jake kisses her and he can feel the tiny scar line on her lip.
  • When he gets home, Jake finds Dani's mom in his kitchen having coffee with his mom and dad. How neighborly.
  • Wait a second… If Dani's mom is here, who did Jake see inside Dani's house?
  • Jake shouts to his mom to call the police—Cody must be back—as he races out the door to Dani's house. Dani comes outside and is totally confused when she sees her mom rushing after Jake. If her mom is outside, then who's in her bedroom?
  • Officer Moore arrives a few minutes later, but he doesn't find anyone inside.
  • He tells Dani and her mom that it couldn't have been Cody in the house—he's in jail in Los Angeles—so perhaps it was a burglar. They should let him know if anything has gone missing.
  • Um… thanks for your help, officer?

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