Study Guide

A Little Less Girl Chapter 34

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 34


  • Inside the house, Dani and her mom don't notice anything missing. There's not much damage either. Why would this thief have broken in if he didn't want anything?
  • Jake calls to check on Dani. She and her mom are going eat a frozen pizza and sleep in the living room, but otherwise they're good. Jake reminds her that he can be at her house in less than a minute if they need anything—he's that fast.
  • When Dani hangs up, her mom can tell something is up and calls Dani out on being totally into Jake.
  • Dani's all whatever, Mom about it and she heads to her room to grab some sleeping supplies. When she arrives, though, she notices that her nightstand is oddly empty. Dani swears she left Amy's diary right there, but now it's gone.
  • She asks her mom if she moved it, but she didn't.
  • So Dani thinks the thief took Amy's diary. Whoa.

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