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A Little Less Girl Chapter 35

By Tess Oliver

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Chapter 35


  • The next morning, Jake picks up Dani, but she's still a bit distracted about the diary. She must have misplaced it… right? Someone wouldn't break into her house and steal a teenager's diary…
  • At school, Jake swoons a little over Dani's short skirt and they kiss for a while in the school parking lot.
  • Jake heads over to Coach Higgins's office to fill out some paperwork for practice that afternoon. And no, typing on the computer isn't easy when you have one hand wrapped in gauze.
  • When Jake hears a door open he assumes it's Coach Higgins, but it turns out to be Mr. Dermott instead. And he is not pleased to see Jake. In fact, he looks a little bit crazy.
  • Apparently Mr. Dermott saw Jake and Dani making out in the parking lot. He yells at Jake, and Jake wisely just backs away; he does not want to mess with this unhinged teacher.
  • Then suddenly Mr. Dermott blurts out something else: "It was all her fault. She claimed she was going to tell the school board. I went to stop her. I had no idea she would swerve off the road." Um, excuse us?
  • Jake tries to wrap his head around what he just heard. Did Mr. Dermott just admit to having an affair with Amy? And being there when she died? After all the poop he's given Jake, he's the one who was responsible? Whoa.
  • Mr. Dermott lunges at Jake, but the younger guy ends up getting a few punches in before Mr. Dermott slams Jake's hand against the wall, opening up his stitches. Jake's down on the floor when Dani comes in and whacks Mr. Dermott with her backpack.
  • The two of them manage to escape from the office, at which point they run into Coach Higgins. Jake tells him what happened and the coach calls the police.
  • Mr. Dermott has fled the building, but Chief Moore takes down all the info about the incident from Jake and then heads off to hunt down Mr. Dermott.
  • Jake can hardly believe what he's saying. He tells Dani that Mr. Dermott was having an affair with Amy, and he followed her car with his motorcycle that night and saw her swerve off the road. He tried to help her, but her car burst into flames, so he left the scene and didn't tell anyone. It's awful.
  • Suddenly Dani remembers that she mentioned Amy's diary to Mr. Dermott—so maybe he's the one who broke into her house and took it.
  • Jake has to head back to the hospital since he hand needs some new stitches. He doesn't really care, though, since he's so into Dani.

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