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A Little Less Girl Chapter 36

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Chapter 36


  • Officer Moore returns Amy's diary to Dani; he found it when he searched Mr. Dermott's house. Looks like everyone's favorite teacher was their thief…
  • Mr. Dermott also watched Amy's car head into that gorge and didn't tell anyone. So let's just say he's not going to be teaching again anytime soon.
  • Also, Dani was right—Amy's death wasn't a suicide.
  • As Officer Moore is leaving, Jake stops by and asks Dani how she's doing.
  • She's still trying to come to terms with everything. Amy was like the other half of her soul. She knew Amy didn't kill herself and she's finally been proven right.
  • Jake asks if this means she's looking for a new soul mate.
  • Dani tells him maybe. Does he like lime Jell-O?
  • As Jake and Dani kiss on her front porch, Dani thinks of how happy she is. Jane Austen might have Mr. Darcy and Charlotte Brontë might have Heathcliff, but Dani has Jake and he's just as amazing as all those other romantic heroes. Oh, yeah.

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