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A Little Less Girl Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


  • When Dani and her mom walk into the office to enroll in the school, the secretaries can't stop staring.
  • Dani's mom looks like she's just crawled out of bed, while Dani's wearing one of her wilder and more revealing outfits. Go team.
  • Dani did this intentionally, of course; she's hoping to catch Jake West's attention. But right now she's seriously having second thoughts.
  • She manages to catch Alex's eye as he barges into the office to complain about his class schedule. Given Alex's thoughts about Katrina's undergarments, we're thinking catching his eye maybe isn't so hard to do.
  • The lady in the office insists Dani talk to the principal before being allowed to go to class. This girl is in pretty serious violation of the dress code.
  • The principal just gawks at Dani until she lets him in on some facts about herself: She's been to four different high schools, she's a straight-A student, she got a near perfect SAT score, and she's broken ten swimming records. Oh, and Amy is also her cousin. In other words, she's more than just a mini skirt.
  • Dani's allowed to stay for the day, so she heads off to first period. Score one for the new girl.

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