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A Little Less Girl Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


  • In Ms. Miller's English class, Katrina asks Jake to sit by her. Jake's all no thank you, though, and instead is joined in the back by Blister.
  • Ms. Miller begins class and it's clear she's really tough. Jake is one of the few students she likes, but Blister? Not so much.
  • Just then, Dani walks in with her mini skirt and black army boots and dark makeup.
  • Katrina makes a snide comment about the goth look Dani has going, but Jake and Blister are more drawn to Dani's legs. Yowza.
  • Jake can barely stop looking at Dani. She's insanely gorgeous even with the tiny scar on her chin. She's also Amy's cousin, though… so does she know about him?
  • Ms. Miller starts a discussion of their summer reading assignment, Lord of the Flies. Dani raises her hand even though Ms. Miller assumes she hasn't read the book. Turns out Dani has and she gives a pretty awesome description of the main themes in the story. Ha.
  • Ms. Miller asks Dani if she thinks the book would be different if it featured young girls instead of young boys. Dani does.
  • Jake speaks before thinking, saying he doesn't agree that a bunch of shipwrecked girls would get along just peachy on a deserted island.
  • Dani thinks men are more prone to violent behavior, though. In fact, men are way more cruel than women, right, Jake?
  • Jake realizes Dani knows exactly who he is and what he said to Amy. Crud.
  • Blister passes Jake a note during class and Jake writes back, "You sure are interested in that book."
  • But instead of going to Blister, the note lands on Dani's desk. She thinks it's for her and she writes back, "Actually, I hated it." Ha.
  • Double crud. Jake and Amy never even dated or touched or kissed—heck, they'd barely spoken to each other—but Amy is still making Jake pay for his careless words.

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